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Subject:  C'mon Reds fans!!!
Date:  3/2/06, 5:22pm
Being new to the Baseball Geek site, I thought I would see more Reds news. I have a heart for the Reds because I used to live in Sharonville in junior high. My dad got tickets from his company and we used to go pretty regularly in 94. They were a playoff team that year, although they would have gotten stomped by un ungodly Expos team. That year, was also the strike year. I was all axcited because here I thought I was going to get to go to some MLB playoffs. Nope. Ever since then, I still look to see how the Reds and the city Cincinnati are getting along. I am waitng for Will Mo Pena to bust out of his shell and tear it up this year. Oh well, maybe as the season goes on....Go Princeton Vikings!!!

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The Olde English Ds  
Subject:  Re: C'mon Reds fans!!!
Date:  3/3/06, 5:32am
Tigers 8 Reds 5

Bring it on Reds fans!!!

Go Tigers!!!

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