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Subject:  The Wall Still Stands
Date:  9/26/06, 9:12pm (Last Edited: 9/26/06, 10:59pm)
I was listening to Paul Harvey's the rest of the story this afternoon. The subject of the show was a wall that stands in a city to commemorate a battle. The story described how an invading force from the East laid siege upon a city and a desperate battle was waged. Finally a bomb was launched over this wall by the defenders and the invading force was overcome and the marauders had to retreat in defeat.

The story described that this ancient rampart itself, an important part of the city's history, found itself besieged as modern development assailed itself upon this historic battlement. The residents of the city rose to defend their noble wall and while much of the wall was lost the portion of the wall over which the projectile was launched was saved.

The commentator described some the great fortresses in history and the towns that they protected. The wall in this story is an American Wall. It is in Pennsylvania. The city is Pittsburg....The year was 1960 and the invading marauders were the New York Yankees...and the bomb that sent this invading force away in defeat was the blast launched by one Bill Mazaroski, who in a town forged by steel launched the most memorial blast in the city’s history. To date Mazaroski’s blast is the only bottom of the 9th game 7 walk-off homer in major league history.

The wall is a section of Forbes Field. The ballpark was torn down in 1970 but a portion of this historic wall still stands and a plaque is in place on the wall to commemorate Mazaroski’s and Pittsburgh’s greatest baseball moment. The ball park was also the location of Babe Ruth’s last three homeruns. The last of the three was a gargantuan blast that cleared the roof of Forbes Field. The first blast to ever clear the Forbes Field roof. Pittsburg greats Roberto Clemente and Willie Stargell also graced the field at Forbes. Stargell went on to hit eight more balls over the roof at Forbes during his career.

This piece was written by Robert Jones aka Boogaman based upon a commentary heard on Paul Harvey's The Rest of The Story aired this afternoon.

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