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RJ Warner  
Subject:  Pirates offseason report
Date:  12/15/06, 8:51am
Never has a team's nickname so perfectly described their actions.

For those who don't know, the Pittsburgh Pirates (originally known as the Alleghenies) got their name from stealing a player from a rival ballclub. Their "piratical" actions earned them that name and it stuck for over 100 years now.

The boot fit then and it sure fits now. The Pirates, instead of stealing a player, have stolen money. From the owners and worse, from the city of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County and the few remaining loyal fans.

When examining the Pirates offseason, my mind drifts to that scene in "Spaceballs" when Dark Helmet and his men are combing the desert. As the Pirates comb the free agent/trade market, it can be summed up by what that black dude said when he was using that tiny pick:

"We ain't found sh*t!"

That's exactly what the Pirates have found. Sh*t. Nada. Nothing. Zero and zilch. The mandate from the Nutting family, who basically control the franchise (Kevin McClatchy just does the interviews about "turning the corner") from behind the curtains is simply to take that $25 million from the rich teams and hide it in a coffee can. They don't bother putting it back into the team on the field.

It't a shame the new CBA just passed and there was no provision against this kind of thievery. The Pirates bitched and moaned about not having the money to compete with the Big Boys, yet when they get some from said Big Boys, they pocket it for themselves. It's stealing, plain and simple. They got a big, beautiful ballpark built for them to profit from, and there is no indication they ever plan on putting something mildly competetive on that beautiful patch of the North Shore. They promised us a "five year plan" (didn't Stalin do that to?) and ten years from that announcement, still nothing.

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To:  The Bucco Blogger Thread
Subject:  Pirates offseason report
Date:  1/6/07, 4:17pm
Amen Brother,

I can not believe the inaction of the Pirates this year. No free agent signings, no trades, no nothing. You hit the spaceball right on the head. I just hope this team doesnt "go from suck to blow"

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